Jay Speakman

Fifty eight years ago today, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas by a killer who espoused the same racist, Fascist, right wing politics that are now taking over America, led by Donald Trump and the party that slavishly supports him.

This movement is anti-intellectual, anti-science, violently pro gun and seeks to cast America as a Fascist, Christian and fundamentally anti-human autocracy that only believes in Trump and seeks judicial cover (and gets it) to kill anything that threatens their world view.

Most Americans do not support this but the very nature of our democracy actually is beholden to the tyranny of the minority.

We need to all remember that the greatest threat to America is not Russia, North Korea or China but rather the Fascist forces within America that are more powerful and dangerous today than ever before.

#FightFascism #CrushTrumpism #RollTheTanks