No Debate: Why Biden Should Deny Trump His Viral Moment

Debate has been customary in American presidential elections since 1960. But Joe Biden should opt out and deny Trump the legitimacy and TV audience he so desperately craves by refusing to debate. As in none.

Trump has no interest in a rule-based discussion of issues, policies and records. He wants a circus sideshow. Don’t give him one. Biden should refuse to give Trump the viral moment he needs to turn try and turn this race around.


Trump is a borderline traitor, a proven liar, an unindicted co-conspirator in at least one Federal criminal case, a racist who traffics in dangerous conspiracies and a self-confessed sexual assaulter. He’ll use the debate stage as nothing more than a launching pad for QAnon kook theories, race-baiting and unfounded attacks on Biden’s character and family.

In short, Biden has everything to lose and nothing to gain by attempting to debate a mentally unstable, narcissistic psychopath.

Trump hasn’t the capacity to stay focused for longer than 2 minutes on any topic that doesn’t mention his name repeatedly. He was woefully unprepared for his debates against Hillary Clinton in 2016, was whipped and yet still (Russian attacks) managed to pull off a miracle win in the Electoral College.

That won’t happen this time as long as Biden doesn’t give Trump the viral moment he so badly needs. Trump has sailed through life without anyone telling him no. Now would be the perfect time to slam the door shut on debates.

All we need do is sit back and watch Trump go ape-shit on Twitter. He’ll do himself more damage attacking Biden for not debating than Biden could hope to gain by sharing the stage with a mendacious proto-dictator.

Attack Trump And Don’t Let Up

Attack Trump and he’ll fold like Trump University. But for some reason no one ever does. Call him a traitor, a sexual deviant, make fun of his small hands, bring up the affairs, the pussy grabbing, the Helsinki surrender to Putin. If there were ever a time to take off the gloves it’s now.

Hammer Trump every hour of every day. If he comes back at you on Twitter tell him to go fuck himself. This is no time for nice guy politics. Trump must be humiliated, crushed, beaten like a filthy rug and then thrown on the ash heap of history.

The same goes for his grifter family. Go after them too. They obviously have no problem getting in the mud. Make them pay for it. Show Don Jr and Ivanka what’s in store for them if they dare raise their heads in 2024.

Make debates out of the question. Liken it to teaching a rabid squirrel about effective chess openings. When the Trump campaign calls, take the call. Tell them you’re not interested and slam the phone down. Hard.

Person, woman, man, camera, TV.

Seriously, Biden’s going to waste his time debating this “fucking moron”?

Let’s See The Tax Returns

If Trump wants a debate, make him show his taxes as a condition. Anything less than a full release is a non-starter.

If he refuses then it’s fuck you and move on.

See how Trump likes a taste of his own medicine. His supporters will be apoplectic, but guess what? Fuck them too. That has to be the mindset moving forward. We don’t “love the poorly educated”, especially when our democracy is at stake.

The Biden Plan Moving Forward

Trump doesn’t run this country, Biden does. Biden has to treat Trump like the lunatic he is and act as though he’s already president and presidents don’t have time to debate lunatics. Case closed. Biden should say that publicly and move forward. You’d be surprised at how many fence sitters would be attracted to someone who out Trumps Trump.

When Trump complains, respond immediately with ad hominem attacks and hit below the belt. When Trump is flailing that’s when you kick his teeth down his throat. You don’t help him onto the debate stage as if he’s an equal.

Recently Trump comically pontificated about drug testing as a requirement for any debate. Fine. Biden should agree and counter with a demand that Trump release his taxes. Now. Today. No more excuses.

We would see any demand for drug testing disappear quickly.

Biden Is Leading: So Why Give Trump What He Wants?

Why give credence to a debaser who, save for the fact that he’s the current occupant of the White House, would likely already be in prison.

There are many maxims in politics and one holds that the person behind in the polls (in Trump’s case in danger of being wiped out, totally repudiated and embarrassed) is the one who stands to gain from a debate. In fact, Trump’s camp is asking for more than the scheduled three debates. They want four and some have floated the idea of six!

Why would someone so bereft of rudimentary speaking skills or the discipline necessary to even prepare for a debate, let alone follow the rules, want more debates instead of less? Why would they want to expose their horrific record to cross-examination on a world stage?

Simple. They know they’re losing and will lose bigly unless they can create a viral moment in the debates that will swing enough votes to pull out another Electoral College miracle.

Trump wants more debates even though he’s a horrible debater. He’s willing to roll the dice with the high-risk he’ll make a fool out of himself for a chance to score Twitter points with his MAGA army.

Trump Is Losing

Trump is behind in all of the national polls and would be the first candidate in 70 years to win election when trailing after the conventions. Debates only help Trump at this point. He needs them more than Biden does. Much more.

Why in the world would Biden then take his foot off the gas when Trump is behind in the polls and struggling to find a message? Don’t give him what he wants.

Nice guys finish last or in this case, don’t win the presidency and democracy crumbles. Trump is counting on the acquiescence of decent people to allow him to dictate the terms of how the election will play out.

This isn’t the time for decency. This is a street fight. It’s the time to destroy Trump and crush Trumpism. Biden shouldn’t give an inch. Tell the press that he has no interest in sharing the stage with a traitor and sexual assaulter. See how Trump responds to that.

Do not waver. Refuse to debate. Put the pressure on Trump. He’s losing so make him sweat even more. He could become so enraged that he’d just walk away and quit. He’d declare the greatest presidency in history had been stolen and go home. Let him. Throw flowers in his path.

Donald was crushed and embarrassed in his three debates with Hillary Clinton and had to resort to physical intimidation by menacing her with his looming, misogynist bulk to try and stay in the game. It didn’t work.

As much fun as it would be to see Trump publicly flayed and eviscerated in a debate (rhetorically of course) it doesn’t serve Biden well.

What’s in it for him? Nothing. There’s no upside to Biden agreeing to a debate series.

When Biden absolutely destroys Trump people won’t be surprised. Big deal, you beat an idiot in a debate. Who could feel good about that?

Conversely, there’s no way that Trump beats him in a moderated debate. A bar fight maybe, because Trump pays someone else to hit you over the head with a bottle when you aren’t looking. Actually, he would promise to pay the guy and then stiff him. That’s the kind of guy Trump is.

Winners don’t make concessions to losers. Biden should repeat that often and loudly. Biden is winning. Keep up the pressure and don’t give Trump a chance.

Trump Will Stop At Nothing

Trump will try anything, anything to win. Does anyone seriously doubt that?

He might even physically attack Biden on stage without fear of repercussions. Trump is desperate to stay in office and avoid prosecution and prison, has already indicated on multiple occasions that he might not leave even if he loses, and is actively involving foreign and domestic actors (like the postal service) in order to ensure that he remains in office.

While no debates is antithetical to the idea of a fair exchange of ideas in the arena of presidential politics, Trump is anything but presidential. Yet his supporters cheer this as norm-busting.

How’s this for norm-busting? No debates.

Tell Trump to spend less time on the golf course and more time coming up with a national plan to defeat the pandemic. Or how about a response to Putin paying bounties to murder US soldiers in Afghanistan?

Since his Fascist rallies have been curtailed due to the pandemic, Trump is beside himself to get in front of as big an audience as possible in order to spew lies, hate and conspiracy theories to inflame tensions and position himself as the only solution. It’s a strategy lifted directly from the Mussolini playbook.

Biden Shouldn’t Give Trump A Stage

Simply say no to debates. Have Trump figure it out. Will Biden take heat for backing out? No doubt. However, Biden only needs to weather a brief storm because this too shall pass and most likely be replaced by another Trump-created disaster that will take people’s attention.

No debates. None. Biden should stick to his guns and crush Trump’s hope of creating a viral moment.



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